General Information: The M-1C, officially designated “Helmet, Steel, M-1C Parachutists,” was an improved version of the earlier M-2 paratrooper helmet. It addressed the main deficiency of the M-2, which was the tendency for the “D” shaped chinstrap loops to break. The M-1C had had the same flexible chinstrap attachment device as used on the midContinue reading “US M-1C”

Italian M16/20

General Information: During the Spanish Civil War, soldiers from both sides wore a variety of helmets. One common type used predominantly by Nationalist forces was the Italian Model 1916/20. These were refurbished First World War Model 1916 helmets or post-war produced Model 1916/20s. One easy way to distinguish between the Italian M1916s in their originalContinue reading “Italian M16/20”

Model 1917A1

General Information: The Model 1917A1 was a modified version of the World War One Model 1917. It was the helmet worn by all branches of the US Armed Services in the opening months of the Second World War before the M-1 became widely available. The US Army issued a Field Service Modification Order in JanuaryContinue reading “Model 1917A1”

Finnish M40

General Information: The Finns used a surprising array of helmet types and Finnish helmets of the Second World War are almost a subcategory of collecting unto themselves. One of the helmets that they used was the Swedish Model 1937. The Swedes sent 20,000 of these to their Nordic neighbor. In 1940 the Finns purchased aContinue reading “Finnish M40”

South African MKII

General Information: The South African Mark II was basically a clone of the British MKII. It can be readily distinguished from its British cousin by the three holes drilled or punched into the back rim. The purpose of the holes was to accommodate a neck flap, but there is very little period photographic evidence ofContinue reading “South African MKII”

French M15 Chasseur

General Information: The chasseur’s badge was one of eight statutory badges used on the French Model 1915 helmet by various branches of the French armed forces during the First World War. The chasseur helmets are sometimes referred to by collectors somewhat erroneously as “cavalry” or “sharpshooter” helmets. So, who were the chasseurs? The word “chasseur”Continue reading “French M15 Chasseur”

Japanese IJN/SNLF

General Information: The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and the Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF) used the same Type 90 helmets as the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), but with different frontal emblems. These were either metal badges with a ship’s anchor or yellow stenciled anchors. Because the IJA and IJN/SNLF helmets came from different procurements, thereContinue reading “Japanese IJN/SNLF”

Yugoslavian M39

General Information: The Yugoslavian Model 1939 was a locally made copy of the Czechoslovakian vz.32. Very little documentation exists on this very rare helmet type and much of what we know about the M39 has been surmised by collectors. The helmets were produced, or at least assembled, in Yugoslavia, presumably under license from the Czechoslovakians.Continue reading “Yugoslavian M39”