Japanese M41 Paratrooper*

General Information: The Imperial Japanese Army fielded a small number of airborne units during the Second World War. At the end of 1944 these units were consolidated to form the First Raiding Group (Dai 1 Teishin Shudan) which had a strength of approximately 12,000 men.[1] IJA paratroopers were equipped with the Model 1941 helmet. ThereContinue reading “Japanese M41 Paratrooper*”

Danish M23/38

General Information: The Danish Model 1923 is the most unique, and to some, the strangest looking combat helmet of the Second World War. No other country used a helmet like this. All of the M23 helmets were fitted with a Danish national coat of arms made of oxidized brass. The ostensible reason for the badge,Continue reading “Danish M23/38”

New Zealand MKII

General Information: The first soldiers who embarked from New Zealand during the Second World War arrived without helmets. They were supplied with British MKIIs and, in some cases, South African-made MKIIs. The New Zealand armed forces ordered helmets from Britain, but because of shortages, a decision was made to import 40,000 helmet shells from Australia.Continue reading “New Zealand MKII”