Italian/French M15

This is a French Model 1915 steel helmet manufactured for the Italians. These Italian export helmets were identical to the ones used by French armed forces but for the green paint and lack of holes to accommodate a frontal badge. Italian M15 helmets are not hard to find, but most were converted post-World War OneContinue reading “Italian/French M15”

Prussian M15 Grey Trim Pickelhaube

I purchase this helmet recently from an old collection. The previous owner bought the helmet sometime in the 1960s. It is a Prussian enlisted man’s Model 1915 grey trim pickelhaube. The helmet is complete and by all appearances, and as far as I can detect, is 100% original. The thing that drew me to thisContinue reading “Prussian M15 Grey Trim Pickelhaube”

Prussian M15 Ersatz Pickelhaube

I purchased this recently from an old collection. The previous owner purchased it sometime in the 1960s. It a Model 1915 ersatz enlisted man’s Prussian pickelhaube. An unusual aspect of this helmet is that the spike and front plate were painted brass color. This was done a long time ago and by appearances it isContinue reading “Prussian M15 Ersatz Pickelhaube”

Turkish M18

General Information: The Turkish Model 1918 was manufactured in Germany by the Eisenhüttenwerk Thale company. It resembles the German helmets of the First World War, but rather than a visor in front, the skirt section continues all the way around the helmet. The reasons for the alteration from the German type are unknown, but thereContinue reading “Turkish M18”

French M15 Intendance

General Information: The intendance was the logistics and supply entity within the French army. It would be roughly equivalent to the quartermaster and ordinance units in the American army. The intendance badge was the last of the eight statutory French army badges that were authorized during the First World War. It is also the scarcest.Continue reading “French M15 Intendance”

US M-1 Swivel Bale

General Information: Starting in October 1943 the M-1 helmets were equipped with flexible chinstrap loops. This was to address the tendency of the fixed chinstrap loops to break. As with the earlier M-1s web chinstraps were sewn to the chinstrap loops. Post-war the helmets were furnished with chinstraps that were removable rather than sewn. CollectorsContinue reading “US M-1 Swivel Bale”

French M15 Foreign Legion

General Information: Starting in October 1915 the helmets of African troops serving in the French Army were repainted mustard color. Surviving examples of this type are usually found with external mustard color paint over the original factory blue or grey-blue paint. Typically, the original factory paint remains on the interior. At the very end ofContinue reading “French M15 Foreign Legion”