Japanese Type 90*

General Information: The Type 90 helmet is named after the year of its design using the Japanese Imperial year system called “kōki.” Ninety is shorthand for kōki year 2590 which corresponds to 1930 in the Gregorian calendar. For this reason, the helmet is also referred to as the Model 1930 or Model 1930-32. The TypeContinue reading “Japanese Type 90*”

German M35

General Information: The German Model 1935 was the first of a series of three basic models of helmets used by German soldiers during the Third Reich era. During the Weimar and early Nazi era German soldiers used reissued M16/17/18 type helmets. These were good helmets, but the new design addressed certain flaws of their predecessors,Continue reading “German M35”

Italian M33

General Information: The Italian M33 was the main helmet used by Italian armed forces throughout the Second World War. It was designed by an engineer named Nicola Leszl. The helmets were made of a strong nickel and steel alloy. The liners were brown leather mounted on a steel harness. The helmet sizes were stamped intoContinue reading “Italian M33”

Austro-Hungarian M17

General Information: The Austro-Hungarian Model 1917 helmet was almost identical to the German First World War helmets. The main exterior difference was that the Austro-Hungarian M17s were painted brown and the rivet for securing the chinstrap loop attachments was higher up. In period black and white photos, it is the location of the chinstrap rivetContinue reading “Austro-Hungarian M17”

French Model 1915*

French soldiers with recent medal awards* General Information: The French Model 1915 was the first modern era steel helmet and the first full production steel helmet to reach the battlefields in the First World War. Credit for the creation of the helmet is given to Intendant (quartermaster) general Agust-Louis Adrian.[1] He was responding to the urgent needContinue reading “French Model 1915*”