Austro-Hungarian Berndorfer*

General Information: The Berndorfer was the first steel helmet produced by Austro-Hungary. It was referred to as the “Stahlhelme nach inländischem Muster” or “Steel helmets of domestic pattern,” which is commonly translated these days as the “domestic model.” It was also simply called “Berndorfer Stahlhelme,” or “Berndorfer steel helmet.” “Berndorfer” is the name most typicallyContinue reading “Austro-Hungarian Berndorfer*”

Austro-Hungarian M17

General Information: The Austro-Hungarian Model 1917 helmet was almost identical to the German First World War helmets. The main exterior difference was that the Austro-Hungarian M17s were painted brown and the rivet for securing the chinstrap loop attachments was higher up. In period black and white photos, it is the location of the chinstrap rivetContinue reading “Austro-Hungarian M17”