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This site is dedicated to steel combat helmets from 1915 to 1945. It is intended as a basic introduction to the subject, but hopefully provides some insights and enjoyment for the advanced collector as well. The content is organized by period: World War I, Spanish Civil War, and World War II. The emphasis is on helmets that are in their original factory condition. Eventually, the major types of helmets used by all belligerent countries will be covered in this online reference.

All the helmets here are from my personal collection. The collection is a two-generation effort. My father started collecting during the Second World War and I picked up the hobby from him. From the start I have endeavored to get one good specimen helmet from every country that participated in the major armed conflicts of the first half of the twentieth century. The headgear shown in this website represent the culmination of that effort.

The website is under construction at the moment. Once I get it to a basic level of functionality, I will make it publicly available. There are 78 helmets in my collection, so I plan to add individual helmet posts gradually, starting with more familiar pieces and eventually sharing some of the rarer items.

I welcome comments or suggestions. None of these helmets are currently for sale.