Belgian M31

THE GERMAN INVASION OF BELGIUM, MAY 1940 (MH 12106) Two German infantrymen give a light to a captured Belgian soldier, May 1940. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

General Information: The Belgian Model 1931 replaced the French made Model 1915 as the main helmet of the Belgian army during the Second World War. The helmet was very similar to the French Model 1926, but it had a slightly different shape and an aluminum comb. The liner copied the design of the French M26. The helmets were painted khaki color.

Displayed Example: I added this helmet to my collection in 2005. Once I decided I should have a Belgian M31 on my shelf, it took a long time for me to find a good one. This one is complete and unaltered from its World War Two state.

Collector Notes: The Belgian army in the Second World War was small and there were, therefore, a relatively small number of M31 helmets produced to equip Belgium’s armed forces. Another factor accounting for his helmet’s relative scarcity is that many Belgian solders at the time of the German invasion of May 1940 wore the earlier M15 helmets. Although scarce, they tend to not be very expensive. If you can find one, it is an example of a relatively rare helmet that can be relatively modestly priced addition to a collection.

Note that Belgian gendarmes used M31 helmets as well. These helmets are painted blue or black.

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