Japanese IJN Type 90

General Information: The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) had procurement lines that were different from those used by the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). Both armed service branches used the Type 90 steel helmets, but there are differences in how their respective helmets were configured. The most prominent difference is that the IJN helmets had metal badgesContinue reading “Japanese IJN Type 90”

Japanese IJN/SNLF

General Information: The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and the Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF) used the same Type 90 helmets as the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA), but with different frontal emblems. These were either metal badges with a ship’s anchor or yellow stenciled anchors. Because the IJA and IJN/SNLF helmets came from different procurements, thereContinue reading “Japanese IJN/SNLF”

Japanese Type 90

General Information: The Type 90 helmet is named after the year of its design using the Japanese Imperial year system called “kōki.” Ninety is shorthand for kōki year 2590 which corresponds to 1930 in the Gregorian calendar. For this reason, the helmet is also referred to as the Model 1930 or Model 1930-32. The TypeContinue reading “Japanese Type 90”