Prussian M15 Grey Trim Pickelhaube – PRICE REDUCED

I purchase this helmet recently from an old collection. The previous owner bought the helmet sometime in the 1960s. It is a Prussian enlisted man’s Model 1915 grey trim pickelhaube. The helmet is complete and by all appearances, and as far as I can detect, is 100% original. The thing that drew me to this piece is the that it has all its original components down to the leather liner string and the small leather wedges that hold the front plate to the body. Although not a rare type, it is unusual to find M15 pickelhaubes that are complete and not altered over the decades. There are no markings that I can discern. The liner and chinstrap are brittle and fragile. The chinstrap was broken when I purchased this piece. It now has a subtle, nearly invisible repair, just behind the slide buckle on the right side of the helmet.

$795 $695 + postage and transaction fees if any

Published by maplecreekmilitaria

I am a collector of military headgear from 1915-1945

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