Czechoslovakian vz.32

General Information: The vz.32 was the main helmet used by Czechoslovakian armed forces up to the period just before the beginning of the Second World War. After the German occupation of the Czech portion of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939 and the dissolution of its army, the weapons and materiel of the Czechoslovakian army, includingContinue reading “Czechoslovakian vz.32”

Yugoslavian M39

General Information: The Yugoslavian Model 1939 was a locally made copy of the Czechoslovakian vz.32. Very little documentation exists on this very rare helmet type and much of what we know about the M39 has been surmised by collectors. The helmets were produced, or at least assembled, in Yugoslavia, presumably under license from the Czechoslovakians.Continue reading “Yugoslavian M39”

Slovakian vz.32

General Information: The Nazi puppet state of Slovakia was the first ally of Germany in the Second World War. It participated in the invasion of Poland and absorbed Polish territories into Slovakia’s newly formed state. The Slovakian army was equipped with vz.32 helmets from the former Czechoslovakian republic. The Slovakian helmets were the same asContinue reading “Slovakian vz.32”