Finnish/Austrian M17*

General Information: The German WWI style helmets were the main type used by the Finnish army in the 1920s and 30s and through the First Winter War. After this period a surprising variety of other helmets were secured, but the German WWI models continued to be used throughout the war and into the early post-warContinue reading “Finnish/Austrian M17*”

Finnish M40

General Information: The Finns used a surprising array of helmet types and Finnish helmets of the Second World War are almost a subcategory of collecting unto themselves. One of the helmets that they used was the Swedish Model 1937. The Swedes sent 20,000 of these to their Nordic neighbor. In 1940 the Finns purchased aContinue reading “Finnish M40”

Finnish/Hungarian M38

Historical Background: On the 30th of November 1939 Russia invaded Finland. Part of the Russian rationale for the invasion was that Finland had been part of Russia before the disintegration of the Russian empire, and by rights should be part the Imperial Russia‚Äôs successor, the Soviet Union. An ostensible aim of Russian aggression was toContinue reading “Finnish/Hungarian M38”