French Export M26

General Information: The French produced an export version of the Model 1926 helmet that was used by Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War. The was nearly identical in appearance to the domestic version but for the lack of holes in the front for a badge. The export M26s were made of mild, magnetic steel,Continue reading “French Export M26”

Italian M16/20

General Information: During the Spanish Civil War, soldiers from both sides wore a variety of helmets. One common type used predominantly by Nationalist forces was the Italian Model 1916/20. These were refurbished First World War Model 1916 helmets or post-war produced Model 1916/20s. One easy way to distinguish between the Italian M1916s in their originalContinue reading “Italian M16/20”

Italian M33

General Information: The Italians supplied the Spanish Nationalists with Model 1933 helmets. These were exactly the same as the M33s used by the Italian army (see “Italian M33”). Surviving examples of the M33s used in the Spanish Civil War typically have rough brown or greenish-brown paint. This crudely applied paint tends to flake off overContinue reading “Italian M33”

Spanish M38

General Information: The nomenclature for this model is not well established. It is most commonly referred to as the Model 1938, but is sometimes also called a Model 1934, or a “Eibar” or “Trubia” helmet. It was manufactured by the National Arsenal of Artillery at Trubia, hence the name “Trubia” for this model. The M38sContinue reading “Spanish M38”

Czechoslovakian vz.30

General Information: The Czechoslovakian vz.30 was produced for export and mainly used by Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War, particularly the International Brigades. The vz.30 was also used by the Ethiopian Imperial Guard between 1935 and 1936.[1] This helmet has clear lineage from the Austro-Hungarian M17 and the vz30 can be thought of asContinue reading “Czechoslovakian vz.30”

Spanish M26

General Information: Collectors sometimes refer to the Spanish Model 1926 helmet as the “con ala” helmet which means “with wings” in Spanish. This is to distinguish it from the earlier, low-production, Model 1921 which had vertical rather than flared sides like the M26. The M21s are also known as the “sin ala” version. The M26Continue reading “Spanish M26”

German Export M35

General Information: The Eisenhuttenwerke firm in Thale produced 100,000 export versions of the Model 1935 for use in Spain. The helmets were not, as is commonly believed by collectors, left behind by the German Legion Condor; at least the great majority were not. This information came to light as a result of research done byContinue reading “German Export M35”