General Information: The SSh-39 replaced the SSh-36. Together with the SSh-40 it was the main helmet used by the Soviet soldier during the Second World War. The liner design carried over from the SSh-40, although early-production versions of the helmet had a black oil cloth liner. The helmets initially had Red Army stars stenciled onContinue reading “SSh-39*”


General Information: The SSh-36 was the first full production military helmet of the Soviet era. Production began in 1936 and ended in 1939 when the SSh-39 was introduced. The helmet was first used in combat by Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War. The first major use of the helmet by the Soviets was inContinue reading “SSH-36*”

Soviet SSh-40

General Information: The SSh-40[1] was the most widely used helmet in the history of the Red Army and was the basic helmet of the Soviet soldier in the Second World War. The SSh-40 was an improvement over the previous model, the SSh-39. Externally the helmets are nearly identical, but the SSh-40 had a liner systemContinue reading “Soviet SSh-40”