British MKI Paratrooper*

General Information: The British officially designated this helmet as the “Helmet Steel Airborne Troops Mark I” or “HSAT MKI” for short. Collectors generally refer to this as the “MKI Paratrooper” helmet. It was mainly produced in 1943 and most surviving examples bear that date on the liner. The helmet was issued from October 1942[1], soContinue reading “British MKI Paratrooper*”


General Information: The application of US Marine Corps cap badges to steel helmets was a common practice in the post-World War One period, but was this was also done, to a lesser extent, during the conflict. The debate among collectors about whether EGA (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor) badges were used during the First World WarContinue reading “USMC”

British MKI*

General Information: The first helmet used by British soldiers in the First World War, the War Office Pattern Helmet (see “British Brodie”) had deficiencies that needed to be addressed. Chief among these were the raw edge which could cause injury. Other problems included reflective paint, and complaints about the liner being hot and slippery. ToContinue reading “British MKI*”