Japanese M41 Paratrooper*

General Information: The Imperial Japanese Army fielded a small number of airborne units during the Second World War. At the end of 1944 these units were consolidated to form the First Raiding Group (Dai 1 Teishin Shudan) which had a strength of approximately 12,000 men.[1] IJA paratroopers were equipped with the Model 1941 helmet. ThereContinue reading “Japanese M41 Paratrooper*”

FJ M38*

General Information: The Model 1938 helmet was the standard helmet of the German fallschirmj√§ger (paratroopers) in the Second World War. It was preceded by the now very rare Model 1936 and Model 1937 paratroop models which can be readily identified by the slots in the shell which were intended for a chinstrap configuration. Early M38sContinue reading “FJ M38*”