Japanese IJN M22 1931 Variant*

General Information: The Japanese “Cherry Blossom” helmet is a collector term for this model. Officially, it was called the “Provisional Standard Head Armor” and was referred to as “kabuto” (head armor). Collectors also use the terms Model 1922 or Model 1918 Type 2, or Second Model M18. For more information on this type, please seeContinue reading “Japanese IJN M22 1931 Variant*”

Japanese IJA “Cherry Blossom”

General Information: The Japanese “Cherry Blossom” helmet was what the Japanese soldiers wore when they invaded China in 1931. It was an improvement over the very limited production earlier model which is referred to by collectors as the “Star Vent” or “Model 1918” helmet, although it apparently never had an official designation. The earlier helmetContinue reading “Japanese IJA “Cherry Blossom””

German M18 ECO*

General Information: The Helm mit Ohrenausschnitten or “ear cutout helmet” was a variation of the German Model 1918. It is identical to the standard M18 but for the half-moon curved sections adjacent to the location of the wearer’s ears. The purpose of the cutouts was to improve hearing[1], not as was commonly believed, to accommodateContinue reading “German M18 ECO*”

German M18*

* General Information: In July of 1918 the Germans introduced a new steel helmet, the Model 1918.[1] The new helmet was identical to the Model 1916/17 with the exception of the chinstrap configuration. The new chinstraps were made in two pieces with a carbine type clip that connected them. Instead of being connected by lugsContinue reading “German M18*”